I’m not as smart as I think I am.

I was in finishing mode after completing the Tilted Duster so I dug out my Drops Jacket to finish the front that was on the needles. I looked around for my printed instructions, I had made a lot of notes and would need them to make the front pieces match. I realized that I had cleaned “my” corner many times since then. So I gave up looking and tried to match the other one by sight. It turned out successfully which surprised me.

Still high from seaming the sleeves on Lush and Lacy and the Tilted Duster I decided that I would try to insert the completed sleeve on my Drops Jacket. More success!

Proof that I'm not as smart as I think I am

While working away on Wicked’s sleeves I had a couple of thoughts. I remembered that I had lost my notes. I realized matching the sleeve cap shaping would be damn near impossible with the sleeve in. This is the part when I start feeling decidedly un-smart.

To take a detour out of dumb-ville I got started on my mothers day gift projects. I wanted to make a few of those bobbled clutches from One Skein. Well apparently the detour I took actually led right back to dumb-ville. I can knit sweaters and shawls and sew and even crochet a tunic. But I cannot follow the directions for this damn bobble purse.  

Failed Bobble Clutch

Don’t be fooled by this photo. This thing is lopsided, uneven and crocheted to the pattern in my head rather than the one in the book. I’m going to go read my book while I stew about taking that sleeve out and frogging this disaster  😉


6 thoughts on “Apparently…

  1. I love the color of that yarn for the sweater AND the clutch. Sorry you’re having a bit of trouble with the patterns. I get that way too sometimes on the simplest instruction! Keep going on the clutch – the FO is such a great little purse.

  2. You’re totally not alone in that. Last year, it was a crocheted bag that was my personal downfall. Still irks me when I think about it! (fyi: it was the Fat Bottom Bag from Happy Hooker).

    Also, good on you for multitasking! My brain doesn’t function on that level 🙂

  3. That a beautiful cardigan!!! ((Just happen to wandering through knitting blogs, but HAD to stop and say that is a beauty.))

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