In the 10 minutes it took my husband to run to the store yesterday the damn UPS guy stuck a notice on the door and left. I was livid. Didn’t he know that my yarn was in that box??!! Didn’t he know that it’s customary to ring the bell to have someone sign for their packages?! Livid I tell you.

 But anyway the yarn is here and I am trying very hard not to toss this back in the project bag.

Tilted Duster progress

This was meant to be a FO by now. I got past my sleeve cap fears with LL so it’s the  ribbing that’s killing me. I’m maybe two repeats away from a new sweater so I’m striving to stay motivated.

It’s damn hard though ’cause look at this!

 The Yarn
Spring/Summer yarn

The Knits

Spring/Summer Knits

I’m definitely starting Beryl first, but in which yarn? Olive Shibu or Arizona Blue Cathay? Opinions?


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