Mini emotional outburst

I am having a bad week. A bad week with little to no sleep. And pop in visitors while the house is messy. And well intentioned people making it worse. And hormones on the rampage. And gifts of more baby stuff to take up valuable floor space. And more pop in visitors. And the house is still messy.

 I am tired and have no idea when I’ll be able to get some rest. When you have four kids the chance that someone is having an off day are high. When you have four temperamental kids the chance that two (or more) are having an off day are very high.

 Thank god for knitting! Except when that disappoints you too. I’m going to go lie in the floor between the cheerios and pray that everyone stays quiet long enough for me to catch forty winks.


3 thoughts on “Mini emotional outburst

  1. Girl, I understand. If knitting doesn’t work, try Scotch. Hope it gets better soon (and the pop in visitors–the worst kind!–leave ASAP).

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