Jilly from Philly Cardi

Lush and Lacy with realistic color

Lush and Lacy Back

I knit this in one week exactly. I purchased the pattern Feb. 27 and finished Mar. 5. As I said last post I had a deadline. I wore it to a Jill Scott concert last Thursday. She was un-fucking-believable. She sang from 8 until 10:45 without taking one break! She even changed shoes on stage. It was hands down the best show I have ever been too.

But you want to know about the sweater 😉 

Pattern: Lush and Lacy from Sweaterbabe

Yarn: Elann Highland Wool

Needles: Denise size 8’s

Mods: I made a size smaller (32) than the smallest one available by casting on 10 fewer stitches on the back and 4 on each front. I adjusted the body at intervals because of these missing stitches, for example, I did fewer decreases for my ruffle and toward the shoulder. The body is also a little shorter. The sleeves were knit according to pattern although perhaps a little shorter than specified. I also knit the button bands and collar in seed stitch just cause I like it better. I am really proud of this one. I wont be afraid of knitting in pieces any more. Set in sleeves are my friends.

These changes were more due to how much yarn I had than the pattern. I also wanted a fitted look and thought the lace would stretch the 34 larger then I wanted. I didn’t especially care for this yarn, it’s a little rough to knit with, it wears okay though. It burned the skin on my finger, though that may have more to do with how fast and how much I knit. This pattern really went fast, the lace kept it interesting and the threat of running out of yarn kept me going along with my deadline. I really work better, well faster at least, under pressure.

Next time an obscene amount of new yarn, my spring knitting plans and another concert.


11 thoughts on “Jilly from Philly Cardi

  1. aaaaahhhhh this is GORGEOUS!!!! What a fantastic job you did..and in a WEEK?? You’re my hero! A beautiful hand knit AND a Jill Scott concert? It doesn’t get much better than that!

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