Wooed by its lushness

Lush and Lacy CU

I knit this in about a week. I made a lot of mods so I wouldn’t run out of yarn, the pattern asks for 765 yards, I had 660. I may have overdone it though as I have nearly an entire skein left. Now I wish I had used the leftover Debbie Bliss from the almost Green Gable instead. I’m not sure if this is a good color for me.

I started this last week with the intention of wearing it out tonight (the Hubby and I are going to a concert). After plowing through the back and front’s I thought I should have a back up plan in case I didn’t continue. I found two dresses and ordered them both right away. Well after receiving a shipping notice late Tuesday I thought it was a safe bet to assume that I wouldn’t get them in time.

So most of yesterday and late last night, I knit. Two sleeves,  inserted two sleeve caps(!!!!), wove in ends, and finished one button band to be exact. I am currently exhausted. I can hardly sit up. Really. I am trying to persuade son #1 to take a nap so I can get some rest. Otherwise tonight’s music will serve as a lullaby.


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