Some things I want to remember

  1. Time flies and children grow up fast. Missy turned 7 yesterday. Sometimes I can’t believe how big she has gotten, she is so tall. I hope the next 7 are much slower.
  2. Woodji is so sweet and caring with everyone, except when he wants to get his sister riled up. Then he takes her stuff and runs away with a huge smile on his face while she chases him.
  3. Right now I grow weary of how many times a day I hear the word Mom said with varying degrees of  sweetness, melodrama and hysteria.
  4. I have to remind myself that if I am getting  fed up now it can only be twice as bad when the twins start doing it.
  5. The boy wonder twin is freakishly strong and athletic. He can dangle from his chair and fold himself in half to reach the floor from it. I have never seen anything like it in my life.
  6. The girl wonder twin can stare you down like nobody’s business. Everything about her is intense, the stare, her determination to get her way, and when she wants her infectious smile.
  7. If things continue they way they are now all of the kids will act like Missy. Woodji mimics everything she does, especially her annoying habits. She can be a difficult child to manage. I’m not sure I’m built for dealing with 4 of her. Must. Find. A. Way. To. Break. The. Cycle.
  8. The only thing rivaling the  frequency of the calls of Mom around here would be how many times I sweep the floor and pick up the SAME stuff.
  9. I must remind myself that I can delegate when everyone is older! They will rue the day! I have resolved to never wash another dish once the oldest is 10. 
  10. When everyone has grown up and moved away I will look back on this list and smile.

4 thoughts on “Some things I want to remember

  1. My parents were strong proponents of rule #9. I was the dishwasher for many years. I cannot tell you how ecstatic I was when they bought a dishwasher (I was 17)!
    Happy birthday to Missy 🙂

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