Another one bites the dust

Another project long in the WIP pile has bit the dust. Baby sister’s Wicked is officially a FO! I sent her a text message saying “Do I have to put the pocket on your sweater?” Before I could put the phone down she called me, lol. Once I got the go ahead to leave it off I knit the ribbing on both sleeves that night.¬† She came to get it today. She is impossibly silly so these are the best shots I could get. I would show you the outtakes but she might kill me ūüėČ

Baby Sis in Wicked

Baby Sis in Wicked

Pattern: Wicked

Yarn: Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Deep Ocean

Needles: Denise 5’s and 7’s

She can have as many hats as her heart desires but I may never knit her another sweater. Well at least not one with sooo much  stockinette stitch.

My hubby has been hinting around, well not hinting so much as asking, for a sweater. If he’s willing to wait as long as and complain and badger me much less than she did, he just might get one.


Tilted Success

Tilted Duster, CU

Finishing what I start has taken on a whole new meaning for me since diving into knitting. I am a procrastinator and a pessimist. These traits in high doses like I have are lethal to confidence and dealing with¬†competition. I got some disappointing (writing related) news last week. Taking charge of my knitting when nothing¬†else was going my way really helped me more than words can say. It was like a mini therapy session ūüėČ

Tilted Duster Front

Tilted Duster Back

Pattern: Tilted Duster, Interweave Knits

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, Amethyst Heather

Needles: Size 7 Denise Needles, larger size to bind off

Mods: Many, mostly unintentional. Like picking up fewer stitches for the neck and skirt. I thought I was following the pattern so I’m not sure how it happened. Also the skirt length is shorter. This¬†is for three reasons. One,¬†I am hippy.¬†¬†Two, I don’t really care for long sweaters. Three, if I knit on this any longer I was going to rip it to shreds. ūüėČ

I was so so on this when I bound off. I had blocked the top separately because I thought it was too small and wanted see how big it would (could) get before I knit the skirt. The unblocked, curled, scrunchy skirt looked like hell next to the rest of the sweater. I steam blocked it and it still looked like hell. Finally I dunked it with a little Eucalan and it was like magic. Well not exactly like magic. To be honest it still wasn’t really singing until I put the buttons on a couple of hours ago.

I loves it lots now though!

My only regret is that I didn’t put the buttons on before we left for our anniversary dinner. But it was cool to wear my Juliet again.


In the 10 minutes it took my husband to run to the store yesterday the damn UPS guy stuck a notice on the door and left. I was livid. Didn’t he know that my yarn was in that box??!! Didn’t he know that it’s customary to ring the bell to have someone sign for their packages?! Livid I tell you.

 But anyway the yarn is here and I am trying very hard not to toss this back in the project bag.

Tilted Duster progress

This was meant to be a FO by now. I got past my sleeve cap fears with LL so it’s the ¬†ribbing that’s killing me. I’m maybe two repeats away from a new sweater so I’m striving to stay motivated.

It’s damn hard though ’cause look at this!

 The Yarn
Spring/Summer yarn

The Knits

Spring/Summer Knits

I’m definitely starting Beryl first, but in which yarn? Olive¬†Shibu or Arizona Blue Cathay? Opinions?


Thanks for enduring my whiny parent post ūüėČ and for your compliments on my Lush and Lacy Cardi. Last week did start off great, btw. We completed our early wedding anniversary celebrations with a night at BB Kings to see Raheem Devaughn. He was great! I wore my LL Cardi again. My husband jokingly asked if I was knitting another sweater to wear that night, he really likes Lush and Lacy. We had a really yummy meal at Dave and Busters ( I had grilled Salmon, with lemon rice and string beans, delicious!!!) and we made it home early enough to sit around for a while with the last kid awake, son #1. I leave you with this little cartoon¬†until next time when we’ll have another FO and lots of yarn!

                      The Ass Family

Mini emotional outburst

I am having a bad week. A bad week with little to no sleep. And pop in visitors while the house is messy. And well intentioned people making it worse. And hormones on the rampage. And gifts of more baby stuff to take up valuable floor space. And more pop in visitors. And the house is still messy.

¬†I am tired and have no idea when I’ll be able to get some rest. When¬†you have four kids the chance that someone is having an off day are high. When you have four temperamental kids the chance that two (or more)¬†are having an off day are¬†very high.

¬†Thank god for knitting! Except when that disappoints you too. I’m going to go lie in the floor between the cheerios¬†and pray that everyone stays quiet long enough for me to catch forty winks.

Jilly from Philly Cardi

Lush and Lacy with realistic color

Lush and Lacy Back

I knit this in one week exactly. I purchased the pattern Feb. 27 and finished Mar. 5. As I said last post I had a deadline. I wore it to a Jill Scott concert last Thursday. She was un-fucking-believable. She sang from 8 until 10:45 without taking one break! She even changed shoes on stage. It was hands down the best show I have ever been too.

But you want to know about the sweater ūüėȬ†

Pattern: Lush and Lacy from Sweaterbabe

Yarn: Elann Highland Wool

Needles: Denise size 8’s

Mods: I made a size smaller (32) than the smallest one available by casting on 10 fewer stitches on the back and 4 on each front. I adjusted the body at intervals because of these missing stitches, for example, I did fewer decreases for my ruffle and toward the shoulder. The body is also a little shorter. The sleeves were knit according to pattern although perhaps a little shorter than specified. I also knit the button bands and collar in seed stitch just cause I like it better. I am really proud of this one. I wont be afraid of knitting in pieces any more. Set in sleeves are my friends.

These changes were more due to how much yarn I had than the pattern. I also wanted a fitted look and thought the lace would stretch the 34 larger then I wanted. I¬†didn‚Äôt especially care for¬†this yarn, it’s a little rough to knit with, it wears okay though. It burned the skin on my finger, though that may have more to do with how fast and how much I knit. This pattern really went¬†fast, the lace kept it interesting and the¬†threat of running out of yarn kept me¬†going along with my deadline.¬†I really work better, well faster¬†at least, under pressure.

Next time an obscene amount of new yarn, my spring knitting plans and another concert.

Wooed by its lushness

Lush and Lacy CU

I knit this in about a week. I made a lot of mods so I wouldn’t run out of yarn, the pattern asks for 765 yards, I had 660. I may have overdone it though as I have nearly an entire skein left. Now I wish I had used the leftover Debbie Bliss from the¬†almost Green Gable instead. I’m not sure if this is a good color for me.

I started this last week with the intention of wearing it out tonight (the Hubby and I are going to a concert). After plowing through the back and front’s I thought I should have a back up plan in case I didn’t continue. I found two dresses and ordered them both right away. Well after receiving a shipping notice late Tuesday I thought it was a safe bet to assume that I wouldn’t get them in time.

So most of yesterday and late last night, I knit.¬†Two sleeves,¬† inserted two sleeve caps(!!!!), wove in ends, and finished one button band to be exact. I am currently exhausted. I can hardly sit up. Really. I am trying to persuade son #1 to take a nap so I can get some rest. Otherwise tonight’s music will serve as a lullaby.