Won't you be my neighbor Netflix?


I love Mr. Rogers. He may the most well know sweater wearer ever. Will you join in the celebration of what would have been his 80th birthday and wear a sweater on March 20th? This should be easy for us knitters ;).

I am addicted to Netflix. I joined for the sole purpose of watching the end of Pride and Prejudice before Masterpiece theater aired it (my daughter watched most of it with me and she loved it too). I reluctantly returned it for more films which included Waitress. I absolutely loved it! This is my favorite kind of movie, a slice of life about interesting characters. I think Keri Russell was fantastic in it. It’s very sad that Adrienne Shelly was  taken the way that she was. I thought it was senseless before, but after watching the beautiful story she created I feel sad.

Layer Cake and Feast of Love have just arrived. I am so excited about seeing so many movies that were out of theaters before I could see them. Their are also many old movies that I have always wanted to see. I think this is just the motivation I needed to jump back into writing. I’ve been having some writers block with the treatment I’ve been working on. After watching Waitress I  got through a second (third, fourth???) draft of my short script. I cut two pages and I think it reads much better now. I’ve spent most of the day searching for competitions to enter it in.

Well back to writing. I’ve been uninspired with my knitting these last couple of days.  Hopefully I’ll be past  my knitting hump when I get back.


5 thoughts on “Won't you be my neighbor Netflix?

  1. I love Netflix. I rented Rocky a few weeks ago. I never understood why at the marathon they play the Theme from Rocky all day, but after seeing the movie, I really “get it”. I’m in a Coen Brothers mood these days so I ordered and watched Miller’s Crossing and The Lady Killers. Both were just so/so.

    Good luck with the script. Hopefully your recent movie watching will inspire you even more.

  2. i think netflix is a great companion to knitting…especially if it involves jane austin. i knit a hat last night to the movie “the jane austin book club”.

  3. One day, I’m so going to get Netflix…when I have more time. My problem is, I still have to WATCH & it’s hard for me to knit at the same time.

    Glad your writing muse came back!

  4. My MIL was on Mr. Rodgers way back in the early 60’s when she first came to the US (Mr. Rodgers was still a small local Pittsburg show at the time). She wore her sari and talked about life in India. I wish we had a copy of that show, but it was lost long ago.

    I will gladly wear a sweater in his honor on the 20th.

  5. If you’re addicted to Netflix, check out FeedFlix which I created for fellow Netflixers. Feedflix will give you useful stats and graphs about your Netflix usage patterns when you input your Netflix RSS feed. Plus you’ll be able to share your Queue or Reviews with anyone on the net. FeedFlix is free and easy to use. Let me know if you have any questions.

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