Two things…

Thing 1.

New books.

Free from Martha

Tammi, Veronique and I each got free copies of Sock and Glove when we went to the Martha Stewart show on Wednesday. I had a great time with them. We were all saved from running out the nearest Barnes and Noble to get a copy of this book. So I had to buy something else instead. 

New Books

Two classics. Pride and Prejudice is new to me. I have never read Jane Austen, but thanks to Masterpiece Theater many of her books are on my list. I couldn’t wait until next Sunday to watch the last part of the miniseries. I subscribed to Netflix just to get the DVD’s. I loved it. I’ve read Little Women before, but  long ago. It will be a great re-read since I have forgotten many of the details.

Thing 2. I think I hate Silky Wool. This TDR is knit up on size 8’s with the silky wool doubled. It is very stretchy and crinkly. Me no like. I’m going to try something else, if I hate that too I will be de-stashing this yarn.

I think I hate Silky Wool, CU

If any one has suggestions for something kind of fancy I can knit leave me a link in the comments please.


6 thoughts on “Two things…

  1. I have the Japanese version of the sock book, but haven’t made anything from it yet. I am so jealous that you got to go to the Martha Stewart Show. I didn’t know they were having a knitting show.

  2. Oooh I LURVE Silky Wool!!!!!
    The reason why you are not liking it is b/c you are making the fiber properties do something it is not suppose to be doing…..cables!!! (dang my new book ‘The Book of Yarn’ is really paying off! YAH! Get it!)
    I am using the Silky Tweed on Ms. Marigold and loving it!

    If you decide to detash hit me up!

  3. wow, nice score from the martha stewart show! that’s such a cute book 🙂 i’ve never worked with silky tweed. did you check ravelry to see what others made with it?

  4. That looks like a cool book. Getting it free is always good!

    I’m going to have to dust off Sense & Sensibility…after seeing the movie, I thought I’d enjoy the book, but I can’t seem to get through it.

  5. Thanks for the shout-out! I can’t wait to make a little sock/glove panda for my friend. I thought I’d get to stitching right away, but I got so busy. By the way, the pic of you purple sweater don’t do it justice. It’s very stunning in person. Thanks for inviting me to Martha.

  6. I think I’ll be having to go out and get the “Sock and Glove” book – that little dog on the front is so cute!

    So, did you enjoy the Martha Stewart Show?

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