I bought more yarn when I…

I bought more yarn when I...

should have been buying socks. I couldn’t find a second black one with no holes so I just grabbed a white one. I’m classy like that =-0)
Malabrigo Lace!!!

I’m having trouble walking out of my LYS without buying something. I managed to leave without this yarn the last two visits, but today, it was mine. I was treated to a very interesting conversation while my yarn was wound. I would summarize it here but it would cause some pervy types to be led here in error 😉 I need to tell you that one of the women speaking was 66 years old. I think I would like to hang out with her. Oh. I also got this bag recently too, apparently I need to stay off etsy as well.

Anyway, about the yarn. I have an idea for a lace shawl, which is quite nervy of me considering that I have only been able to handle razor shell  and feather and fan lace so far. Well at least this guarantees that it will be an easy shawl to knit. I also knit a sweater to wear to Martha Stewart next week. It’s becoming something of a tradition for me. I’ll show you next time.


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