I was tagged

This is a treat! This is the first time that I was officially tagged. Salihan of  A Simple Abundant Life (great blog name btw) let me know that I had been tagged, so onto the strange and unusual.


1. I have some slightly OCD habits. If I touch one ear, hand, knee whatever I feel off balance unless I touch the other one.

2. I cannot get comfortable in bed unless the sheets and bed are straight. If I feel even a slight slant I have to get up and fix it. Again, possible borderline OCD.

3. I have a scar on my stomach shaped like a division sign. I had an appendectomy  and a small incision was closed with one staple. I think I mentioned this here once.

4. I absolutely hate to  wear outside clothes and shoes in the house. I even take my shoes off before my coat sometimes. I undress so quickly it’s hard to tell if I have even been out.

5. I love leftovers for breakfast and breakfast food late at night. I ate cereal before bed every weekend I spent with my grandparents when I was a child.

6. I find real pajamas too confining. The button up tops feel to much like outside clothes. I have an army of old t-shirts and sweatpants that I prefer.

7. I hate magic. This is mostly due to a cousin I grew up with and his constant badly executed magic tricks. And partly due to the overall creepiness of most magicians. This almost made me miss out on reading and loving Harry Potter. I wanted nothing to do with the series until 2005 when my oldest son was in the NICU. I needed something to distract me so I picked up book 1 in Target and feel in love at the first page. I read books 1-6 in about three weeks.


Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
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I’m going to do the cheat thing and say that if you want to answer consider yourself tagged =0)

I would list people but I would never get around to letting them know that I did it so what would be the point.


3 thoughts on “I was tagged

  1. #4 is like me…I have “out” clothes & “home” clothes & home clothes are so much more comfy.

    Hate magic? Wow. I never thought of magicians as creepy, but some people see clowns that way, too (even before Pennywise). Glad you didn’t miss out on HP!

  2. I laughed out loud at your bit about magic and magicians. But since you seem to be over your “hate” of magicians, at least literary ones, check out Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. It’s awesome.

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