Bisquick Bacon Biscuits


This is my first contribution to Project Spectrum’s Fire element. Bisquick Bacon Biscuits soon to be a new favorite around our house. Despite many attempts to get better I still pretty much suck at real baking.

I can mix up a mean cornbread from Jiffy mix and apparently I can handle Bisquick biscuits pretty well too. Just crumble some crispy bacon into the mix, add milk, stir, drop on the cookie sheet, Devour =0)

I stumbled across the 101/1001 concept/meme/resolution/goals list  (?) today. I have added my partial list to the sidebar. I don’t see myself officially joining the blog though. I’m looking at it like a list of long term goals really. Goals that go beyond what I resolved to do this year.

Tomorrow we will attempt chocolate chip muffins. This will be a real challenge since the dry ingredients don’t come in a box =0)


2 thoughts on “Bisquick Bacon Biscuits

  1. Great photograph! Good photos are hard to take.

    Good luck with the chocolate chip cookies! Part of the secret of good cookies is not baking them too long. It’s better to take them out just as they are turning golden and let them finish baking on the cooling rack than to leave them in as they’ll get dry and hard that way. It’s a fine art that took me a year or more to learn! Luckily I was living in an apartment with 3 male roommates at the time and they didn’t care so long as it was a cookie! 🙂

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