Sleeve caps of doom

I made a lot of progress on my Drops jacket while my camera was away. Since getting it back I hadn’t bothered to take any photos until today.


I’m kinda winging it as far as the pattern goes. I have seamed the first side to the back and I like the way they fit and hang. I have also knit the first sleeve. This is where the problems come in. I vaguely followed the sleeve cap shaping for the body. I noted what I did so I can repeat it for the second front piece but I’m unsure of how those changes translate on the sleeve caps.

 I had already knit the entire sleeve when I saw this photo of Carrie’s on Flickr. She’s knitting the sleeve from the top down. This sounded like the way to go to me.

Before I yanked out the sleeve I knit I attempted to insert it into the sleeve cap. Yikes!  I haven’t really researched the best method of doing this so it could be faulty technique, it is more likely that the damn thing is the wrong size.

Sooo. I took a small windfall of cash that came my way and ordered Knitting from the Top by Barbara Walker. Although I’m going to hate ripping out that sleeve I would have hated a nasty looking seam even more.

 Oh. Yeah. I’m one of the lucky Ravelers that was accepted into the Sensual Knits 2 book! I didn’t feel quite ready to submit a sweater design though (I had ideas for them). I want to do it well so some reading up is required. That’s why I also ordered Sweater Design in Plain English by Maggie Righetti. 

So far I’ve been actively working toward my resolutions. I hope I can still say the same in December.


4 thoughts on “Sleeve caps of doom

  1. Looks like you’ll be a sleeve expert at the end of this sweater!
    Congrats on getting into Sensual Knits! Is this Sensual Knits Evening (aka #3)? The #2 book is Sensual Knits White, coming out summer 08. I have one sweater in it, and submitted it this past summer 🙂

  2. I am over here trying to feverishly catch up on my reads!

    CONGRATS! On your Sensual Knits submission!! YAH!!! Can’t wait for book #2 as I really like the 1st installment.

    Great progress on your DROPS sweater too!

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