Won't you be my neighbor Netflix?


I love Mr. Rogers. He may the most well know sweater wearer ever. Will you join in the celebration of what would have been his 80th birthday and wear a sweater on March 20th? This should be easy for us knitters ;).

I am addicted to Netflix. I joined for the sole purpose of watching the end of Pride and Prejudice before Masterpiece theater aired it (my daughter watched most of it with me and she loved it too). I reluctantly returned it for more films which included Waitress. I absolutely loved it! This is my favorite kind of movie, a slice of life about interesting characters. I think Keri Russell was fantastic in it. It’s very sad that Adrienne Shelly was  taken the way that she was. I thought it was senseless before, but after watching the beautiful story she created I feel sad.

Layer Cake and Feast of Love have just arrived. I am so excited about seeing so many movies that were out of theaters before I could see them. Their are also many old movies that I have always wanted to see. I think this is just the motivation I needed to jump back into writing. I’ve been having some writers block with the treatment I’ve been working on. After watching Waitress I  got through a second (third, fourth???) draft of my short script. I cut two pages and I think it reads much better now. I’ve spent most of the day searching for competitions to enter it in.

Well back to writing. I’ve been uninspired with my knitting these last couple of days.  Hopefully I’ll be past  my knitting hump when I get back.


Two things…

Thing 1.

New books.

Free from Martha

Tammi, Veronique and I each got free copies of Sock and Glove when we went to the Martha Stewart show on Wednesday. I had a great time with them. We were all saved from running out the nearest Barnes and Noble to get a copy of this book. So I had to buy something else instead. 

New Books

Two classics. Pride and Prejudice is new to me. I have never read Jane Austen, but thanks to Masterpiece Theater many of her books are on my list. I couldn’t wait until next Sunday to watch the last part of the miniseries. I subscribed to Netflix just to get the DVD’s. I loved it. I’ve read Little Women before, but  long ago. It will be a great re-read since I have forgotten many of the details.

Thing 2. I think I hate Silky Wool. This TDR is knit up on size 8’s with the silky wool doubled. It is very stretchy and crinkly. Me no like. I’m going to try something else, if I hate that too I will be de-stashing this yarn.

I think I hate Silky Wool, CU

If any one has suggestions for something kind of fancy I can knit leave me a link in the comments please.

New Sweater

New sweater!

7 skeins of Debbie Bliss Merino Aran

Size 7 needles

Some YO’s thrown in.

This looks a little (a lot??) like a Green Gable but as I have never seen the pattern I can’t say if features a mesh pattern of just YO’s like I’ve done. I tried it on a lot as I went, which really is the secret to a good fit. Although putting the stitches on scrap yarn and then back on the needles is really a pain in the ass. I also knit it too short once, too long the next time, and just right at last. Btw, I looves it 😉 and I think I love knitting without a pattern even more.

    New sweater Back

I bought more yarn when I…

I bought more yarn when I...

should have been buying socks. I couldn’t find a second black one with no holes so I just grabbed a white one. I’m classy like that =-0)
Malabrigo Lace!!!

I’m having trouble walking out of my LYS without buying something. I managed to leave without this yarn the last two visits, but today, it was mine. I was treated to a very interesting conversation while my yarn was wound. I would summarize it here but it would cause some pervy types to be led here in error 😉 I need to tell you that one of the women speaking was 66 years old. I think I would like to hang out with her. Oh. I also got this bag recently too, apparently I need to stay off etsy as well.

Anyway, about the yarn. I have an idea for a lace shawl, which is quite nervy of me considering that I have only been able to handle razor shell  and feather and fan lace so far. Well at least this guarantees that it will be an easy shawl to knit. I also knit a sweater to wear to Martha Stewart next week. It’s becoming something of a tradition for me. I’ll show you next time.

I was tagged

This is a treat! This is the first time that I was officially tagged. Salihan of  A Simple Abundant Life (great blog name btw) let me know that I had been tagged, so onto the strange and unusual.


1. I have some slightly OCD habits. If I touch one ear, hand, knee whatever I feel off balance unless I touch the other one.

2. I cannot get comfortable in bed unless the sheets and bed are straight. If I feel even a slight slant I have to get up and fix it. Again, possible borderline OCD.

3. I have a scar on my stomach shaped like a division sign. I had an appendectomy  and a small incision was closed with one staple. I think I mentioned this here once.

4. I absolutely hate to  wear outside clothes and shoes in the house. I even take my shoes off before my coat sometimes. I undress so quickly it’s hard to tell if I have even been out.

5. I love leftovers for breakfast and breakfast food late at night. I ate cereal before bed every weekend I spent with my grandparents when I was a child.

6. I find real pajamas too confining. The button up tops feel to much like outside clothes. I have an army of old t-shirts and sweatpants that I prefer.

7. I hate magic. This is mostly due to a cousin I grew up with and his constant badly executed magic tricks. And partly due to the overall creepiness of most magicians. This almost made me miss out on reading and loving Harry Potter. I wanted nothing to do with the series until 2005 when my oldest son was in the NICU. I needed something to distract me so I picked up book 1 in Target and feel in love at the first page. I read books 1-6 in about three weeks.


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I would list people but I would never get around to letting them know that I did it so what would be the point.

Bisquick Bacon Biscuits


This is my first contribution to Project Spectrum’s Fire element. Bisquick Bacon Biscuits soon to be a new favorite around our house. Despite many attempts to get better I still pretty much suck at real baking.

I can mix up a mean cornbread from Jiffy mix and apparently I can handle Bisquick biscuits pretty well too. Just crumble some crispy bacon into the mix, add milk, stir, drop on the cookie sheet, Devour =0)

I stumbled across the 101/1001 concept/meme/resolution/goals list  (?) today. I have added my partial list to the sidebar. I don’t see myself officially joining the blog though. I’m looking at it like a list of long term goals really. Goals that go beyond what I resolved to do this year.

Tomorrow we will attempt chocolate chip muffins. This will be a real challenge since the dry ingredients don’t come in a box =0)