The wonder twins have long outgrown the hats I made to match their Zimmermann sweaters. Each time they leave the house I have to scramble around to find a hat that fits. So with their 1st(!!!) birthday approaching I set out to make them new hats.

I had an idea for Fraternal hats, the same but different, one boy and one girl hat for my cuties. I started with the girl version so I could play with purple yarn =). I got to work and knit it up while watching Persuasion on PBS. I thought I should call the hat Anne since I loved the story and it’s heroine so much. Well Anne would have been insulted. The hat was too small, too pointy, and all too wrong. The children have lost it in the house somewhere. They took turns squeezing into it and running around.

 Okay. Fraternal hats, take two. The next try was styled differently, and slightly larger. Well slightly turned into this.

Oops Earflap Hat

This was supposed to fit her in a slouchy sort of way. It just looked pouffy and wrong. I tried it on this morning and it didn’t look half bad on me 🙂

The little earflaps are actually perfect for me. I don’t care for the look of full sized earflaps, but I have extremely sensitive ears. I am constantly pulling my hat down. I think this is a great halfway point. This knit graduates from oops to thumbs up.


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