Sprucing up the place

There were many things that I wanted to add to my blog when it was on blogger that I didn’t know how to do. Now I can offer pdf’s, links to what I’m reading, and show categories.

Today I even made my own blog buttons.

blog button 2

Blog Button

I am particularly proud of the yarn and needles.

yarn and needles

  Making buttons has also gone from a hair pulling experience to a smooth and easy one. In fact I think I’ll make one for my craft group while I’m on a roll.

 If I ever get my camera back I’ll show you some very uninteresting progress shots of my Gotta have Jacket aka That damn Drops Jacket everyone has made. I’ve completed the back and left front. Hopefully it’ll be a FO by the time you see it.

If you’re in a reader click through to the blog to check out all the changes to the main page.


2 thoughts on “Sprucing up the place

  1. Cute buttons! I’ve never used WordPress, so I have no idea how easy/hard it is to use it, but it *is* possible to add pdfs and pictures to your sidebar in Blogger. Perhaps it’s much harder with Blogger compared to WordPress?

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