You make my day too!


This honor has been given to some really fantastic bloggers so I am quite pleased to be included. I was nominated by the Fantabulous Del of Cozy’s Place. She will always be included on any list of my favorite bloggers. I always find myself repeating something she has written about. She has generously shared her journey as a freelance writer with us, both the good and bad. Her graceful handling of the stress make me want to be better.

I also love to see what these ladies are up too.

A Mingled Yarn– She always has great knits and fantastic, interesting and insightful book reviews. She is also responsible for my new obsession with Anne Elliot and Jane Austen.

Carrieoke– I’m really feeling her 365 photos on Flickr and her blog posts always make me laugh, schmoo!

Every Word’s a Purl– It’s just something about Carrie’s writing that I really love. I’m always anxious to read her often times comical take on her FO’s outcomes.

Knit and Tonic– Wendy is the shit, period. I never fail to laugh out loud when reading her blog. That yoga mat, white leggings,  and panties story had me in tears. Let’s not forget about the great patterns has designed.

Lolly Knitting Around– Lolly may be one of the smartest people around. She has taken her personal knitblog and made into a daily learning experience for me. I am inspired by her thirst for knowledge and her willingness to engage in new things.

The Purl Bee– They have some of the best photography around. I find I can look at their site all day, re-reading tutorials and articles. They are also responsible for my trip to Martha Stewart’s sewing show and the upcoming one to her knitting show!!

Wee Wonderfuls– I’ve mentioned her inventive doll making and crafting talent before. She continues to make me strive to be better in all things doll related. Her design aesthetic is appealing and her skills are often intimidating, but in a good way =)

Anna’s Yarn Mansion bka Knitty Cent– Anna has a playful and unique style. I look forward to both her movie reviews and Holly McKnotty’s tales. Her paper/notebook/cute addiction makes me feel much better about my drooling in art stores. I live vicariously through her.

Ysolda– I am in awe of Ysolda’s knitwear design talent. She has such classic style. Her reputation for clarity in her pattern writing precedes her, yet she often re-knits and re-works her patterns to make sure they are the best she can make them. I aspire to incorporate such a work ethic in my life.

Peacock Chic-I love Nubian Crafters attention to detail from her knitting to her sewing. I would never have guessed that she had been sewing such a short time. Her impressive FO photos and her sense of humor have made her blog one of my recent faves.

Coiled– Kat’s bohemian style  is so earthy and genuine. She takes the simple, crochet brooches for example, and makes them her own. I am itching to get out my sketch pads and pencils every time she posts a new drawing on Flickr. Her knitwear designs are always fresh and feminine with the ability to be hippy styled or sophisticated.

It was hard to choose these few.

Thanks ladies for making my blog day.



The wonder twins have long outgrown the hats I made to match their Zimmermann sweaters. Each time they leave the house I have to scramble around to find a hat that fits. So with their 1st(!!!) birthday approaching I set out to make them new hats.

I had an idea for Fraternal hats, the same but different, one boy and one girl hat for my cuties. I started with the girl version so I could play with purple yarn =). I got to work and knit it up while watching Persuasion on PBS. I thought I should call the hat Anne since I loved the story and it’s heroine so much. Well Anne would have been insulted. The hat was too small, too pointy, and all too wrong. The children have lost it in the house somewhere. They took turns squeezing into it and running around.

 Okay. Fraternal hats, take two. The next try was styled differently, and slightly larger. Well slightly turned into this.

Oops Earflap Hat

This was supposed to fit her in a slouchy sort of way. It just looked pouffy and wrong. I tried it on this morning and it didn’t look half bad on me 🙂

The little earflaps are actually perfect for me. I don’t care for the look of full sized earflaps, but I have extremely sensitive ears. I am constantly pulling my hat down. I think this is a great halfway point. This knit graduates from oops to thumbs up.

The *got* camera post!

Time to catch up, with pictures.

Affro Girl Doll
Affro Girl Doll
In keeping with Knitology tradition, she is missing a limb.

The coolest shoes I’ve ever owned.
Cool shoes
I never kept up with the Jones’ and I may be the last person ever to get a pair of these.

More yarn.
Thinking Man casts a woeful look at my new yarn
My African thinking man casts a woeful eye on this new addition. He thinks I may  have a problem.

 And lastly, some interesting Pratt campus sculptures.

Five Men

Cookie Cutter People

More here

To the Women

*Raising my glass*

The film industry, much like the rest of the world, has a stark imbalance between men and women. Few women become directors and few female writers receive the same accolades as their male counterparts. We do have Nora Ephron, Kasi Lemmons  , Callie Khouri , and Gina Prince-Bythewood to name just a few.

I have just looked at the nominees for the 8oth annual Academy Awards and was overjoyed to see FOUR female nominees in the best screenplay categories.

Diablo Cody for “Juno”, Nancy Oliver for “Lars and the Real Girl”, Sarah Polley for “Away from Her” and Tamara Jenkins for “The Savages.” This is great news for me and women everywhere. These films were not only nominated for their writing. Juno has the distinction to be in the best picture, best director and best actress categories as well. This must be an unbelievable day for Ms. Cody, a first time screenwriter. The other nominees are featured in multiple categories as well. The honorable Ms. Ruby Dee has received a best supporting actress nomination as well.

This years list of nominees is so diverse, featuring actors who we haven’t seen in a while like Daniel Day-Lewis, newcomers like Ellen Page and Saoirse Ronan, break-outs like Casy Affleck, and the ultimate chameleon Johnny Depp. Older actors and actresses like Tommy Lee Jones and Julie Christie are present as well.

I’m actually looking forward to the ceremony this year. Well if the WGA is able to get a fair deal for us and the show actually goes on. I have been keeping mum about the writers strike here but this does not mean that I haven’t been paying attention. The outcome will eventually include me so I can last without new episodes of my favorite shows until writers get a fair deal.

Congrats to all the nominees. See you at the Oscars (hopefully)!

Is Brooklyn in the house?

Hello fellow Brooklynites! The Bed-Stuy Blog announced that next week is the “Bed-Stuy Spa and Wellness Week”. I am all set to schedule my massage appointment and I thought I should share the news. If you happen to be in the Bed-Stuy area the YMCA will be hosting an open house this Saturday and has waived their membership fees until Feb. 4th. They even have a free personal trainer program with membership.

Brooklyn public service announcement over =)