Resolutions to keep

Well it turns out I didn’t do too badly on last years resolutions.Working on my confidence is always going to be a WIP so let’s make that resolution number one.

  1. Be confident. I said it last year and I’ll say it again: I can do many things well. There is nothing wrong with patting yourself on the back now and again.
  2. Take time for me. Even if it’s a half an hour before bed, it helps re-charge my batteries. Get more rest. I go to bed too late. I need to remember not to let that 1/2 hour turn into three.
  3. Focus on business. Really start to take advantage of the great, mostly free, resources available in NYC.
  4. Continue to work on knitting skills. Learn proper pattern writing and try new skills and challenging patterns. Work on a proposal for a book idea.
  5. Re-dedicate myself to spinning. I’ve got the wheel, now to use it.
  6. Write. I’ve started a YA novel and I have two script ideas that I feel really passionate about. Time to get to work.
  7. Enter more script competitions. I’m getting better at dealing with rejection so entering will be less nerve-wracking.
  8. Continue to nurture my family. I feel that I have had so much more energy to simply be with my family since finishing school. We really have fun together.
  9. SAVE and spend wisely. I wont beat myself up too much for doing badly on this as we added two people to the family this year =)
  10. Express gratitude for all things. I have felt a swelling of gratitude for all things this year. My twins have stayed healthy since leaving the hospital which was not a guarantee. My oldest adjusted well to her new school which was not a given. My son embraced his new brother and sister with so much love and tenderness it made the tough days easier. My mom has been my champion this year when I needed her the most. My sister is thriving at school and growing into an even more fantastic young woman. My husband is my best friend and most unflinching supporter. Blogging and knitting have continued to anchor me. I am grateful and I hope to show it more in 2008.

I can’t really explain why knitting and blogging means so much to me. I’m sure those reading this can understand what I’m saying. You guys are the best, see you in ’08!                  

                          Happy New Year!!!  


4 thoughts on “Resolutions to keep

  1. Happy New Year to you, too! And I really hope you can continue to do #1 on your list because you DO do so many things well. You’re a wife, mother, crafty woman, knitter, spinner, sewer, friend, etc. Don’t sell yourself short. And isn’t having a great family wonderful? I appreciate that more & more.

  2. This is such a well-grounded and VERY positive list. My heart swelled reading that last one about gratitude. You are definitely on the right track just by writing these down.

    Now off to make myself one of those crochet berets 😉

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