Sister guilt

My sister guilted me into crocheting a neckwarmer and hat for her this weekend. It was easy to do since her unfinished sweater was the absolute last thing on my mind. I walked in wearing my Felicity hat and she started right in on me. The hat made at least three projects that I completed instead of finishing her sweater.

So you see how these items came to be =)

I can crochet much faster than I knit so these took almost no time to finish.

Baby Sis Beret ravelry link
Baby sister's beret

Baby sister's beret

Noro Neckwarmer

Noro crochet neckwarmer

Noro crochet neckwarmer

I just need her button selection and I can get a photo of the neckwarmer on a neck =)
Neckwarmer button choices
These projects also mark a change in my opinion of these two yarns. I received the Lambs pride from  Jenn as a part of the One Skein swap. I got the Noro on sale from Little Knits because I had to see what the big deal was. Well I was less than impressed with the Noro. The starting color was awful so I never got past it the other times I tried the yarn. This time I forged ahead and loved the next color. So I ripped back to the yucky color and cut that SOB off.

The Lambs Pride always felt so scratchy to me whenever I considered using it, but my sister chose it from the stash and said it was soft enough for her. Once I started working with it I understood why knitters raved about it. It is lovely to work with, although the mohair fibers got stuck in my throat quite a bit.

 With these two quick projects finished I can continue to work on several design ideas completely guilt free. That is until she sees something else that I have finished.


5 thoughts on “Sister guilt

  1. I love the center button! I have a few buttons that resemble that one that came off of my g-grandfather’s topcoat. They are real woven leather and I’ve been trying to come up with a project special enough to use them on! Meanwhile, I’m trying to work my way through this shell pattern baby hat that I found on the net. It was free and the baby site it came from was cute so I thought I’d give it a try, but I’m either not doing it right or the pattern instructions are missing something. Anyway, I won’t use my precious buttons on this project!

  2. Yeah I am still not totally sold on LP or Brown Sheep yet.
    But I LUV Noro (not a big fan of the Kureyon though it has purty colors) Can’t wait to see the neckwarmer modeled!

  3. oh i hate being guilted into creating something, but family tends to be that way! I love the colorway of the yarn you chose for your sister’s beret. that noro must be really warm. 😀

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