Legendary Idiots

The hubby and I went to see I am Legend yesterday. This rare evening out was soured by two idiots in the audience. I thought with all the changes to Brooklyn I would be spared this kind of stupidity.

At a pivotal emotional moment in the film these two assholes start shouting at one another like a couple of teenagers. Oh these weren’t some punk kids, they were two grown ass men acting like punk kids. Now this is Brooklyn, so when two people get into a screaming match it’s almost always followed by fighting (or worse).

Once it become obvious that these jerks only meant to ruin the enjoyment of the film for the rest of us, an older gentleman came over and silenced them like a stern father. It was quite hilarious and very embarrassing for the two men who were with their girlfriends/wives. One actually left the theater. The only person I feel sorry for is his girlfriend. She had to miss the end of the movie and probably endured his bellyaching all night.
Despite this drama I really enjoyed the film. Will Smith is a fine actor and the story was unusual enough to hold my attention. The ending though not wholly satisfying was really one of the only logical conclusions to the story. I would recommend it, even to the scaredy cats like me =)


4 thoughts on “Legendary Idiots

  1. I hate going to opening nights of any movie. The people that go seem to be rowdier. People are always yelling out or laughing so hard that I can never hear what the actors are saying.

  2. You’re right, Will Smith is fine…I mean, a fine actor. LOL! I so want to see that, but my quota of grown folks movies is used up since I just went to see American Gangster. And don’t you just hate dummies at the movies?! I mean, who has money to waste on those high-priced tickets??

    Have a great holiday!

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