Affro Girl Doll, Version: Knit

I’m at it again. I can’t even count how many attempts this makes. Here she is yesterday.

Affro Girl Doll, Version: Knit

And today, she continues.

Affro Girl Doll, Version: Knit

It’s going well. I hope I’m not sorry that I put that out in the universe.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Affro Girl Doll, Version: Knit

  1. Hi Ebony Butterfly,

    This Is Shazzy D from Luton, England. My daughthers and I have just discovered your website by Goggling. We love your dolls and I am hoping that you sell the pattern for your Affro Girl Doll so I can make them for them as gifts.

    Other than Bratz they have never had a black doll. I can wait for pay day so can order the pattern.

    Can you reccomend substitutes for yarn as I may not be able to get the brands you suggested.

    I have been knitting scarves as gifte for friends and family after suffering a hand and neck injury. I have not followed a detailed pattern before so I am hoping to do well with is one.

    keep inspiring others with your gift of knitting.

    Love Shazzy D.

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