I really (I mean really, really) loved Felicity when it came on TV. I had heard about the show and was in need of a new escape. I would watch it and dream about starting college and being on my own. I thought Keri Russell was the bestest and liked that she had a pretty simple style like me, well Felicity did anyway.

When I saw Ms. Russell in “The” hat that everyone was talking about I liked it, a lot. I waited for those geniuses over at craftster to figure it out so I could make one. I never would have tried to make it on my own at the time. I sort of forgot about it ’till recently and stalked the craftster archives until I found the old thread, only no one had figured it out. Damn.

Now I am more confident to try my hand at things. So over the last week I did.
Felicity HatFelicity

Click the pic above for the pattern!!

Felicity Hat

Felicity Hat


11 thoughts on “Felicity

  1. Hey there! The hat is awsome, I waaant it! Ive been to ur blog more that once now for my knitting viewing Pleasure 🙂 Im starting a knitting blog on VOX, Nothings is on it now but It will be by Friday 14th. 🙂

    hope to ttyl fellow knitter!

  2. You are so totally my most favorite person right now! I have been wanting that hat forEVER and have also been stalking Craftster hoping someone would put up a pattern! (I thought I could figure it out but did not, alas.)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

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