Welcome to my new home!

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There were so many things I wanted to do with my blog that I lacked the necessary know how to do with blogger. I tried changing the template to one of those new jazzy ones and it was a nightmare of too many categories that I didn’t know how to delete and a host of other problem.

But enough about that I have some freebies for those of you who bothered to click through. The Razor Shell Neckwarmer as a pdf file razor-shell-neckwarmer.pdf . You can find it in the lovely sidebar that was so easy to create with WordPress. You’ll also find some printable gift tags and mailing labels featuring my Affro girl (& guy) creations Affro gift tags and mailing labels
affro-labels.pdf . I think they’re kinda cute =) Perfect for kids gifts and for mailing all of those holiday gifts people are bound to have to send. I hope some of you use them, that would be pretty sweet!


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my new home!

  1. Too wild! I just opened up a wordpress account today!
    Please tell me how you like it and how you were able to get your archives moved over!

    Welcome to your new place!!

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