Harry Skywalker

Harry Skywalker

The first time I saw this was in my screenwriting class when we discussed “The Writers Journey”. I’ve blogged about this book before. I think it’s genius. The concepts in the book are not new, the writer, Christopher Vogler, gives plenty of credit where it is due. All the same I was sort of fascinated with the way that the story elements discussed could be applied for any story, traditional or modern. If JK Rowling is not familiar with these theories then she must be a genie ’cause the HP series drips with them.


3 thoughts on “Harry Skywalker

  1. 🙂 i saw this online recently.. and yes, JK rowling often talks about she gets inspiration from many old tales. she draws upon lots of mythology for plots and character names.

  2. Oh, that is funny! Yes, it’s said that there’s really only a handful of stories & writers just rehash them again & again. But what a rehashing JK did. Still, looking at how this SW synopsis was reworked is really funny.

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