Please ignore the fact that

I’m wearing the same shirt as yesterday =)


It has been a long week/weekend* so you understand.

You know if I want to guarantee that I don’t get a certain thing done all I have to do is make a list.

The list was made and it was not overly ambitious, one thing a day. Totally doable. This didn’t stop me from slacking off on the first day and task. I made up for it though. I made 4 bags today. More photos tomorrow… after I change my shirt.

*Last night I stayed up late again waiting for son #1 to fall asleep. I fell asleep before him yesterday and in the morning we found him on the couch knocked out. Our apartment gets really dark at night, but the boy is fearless. I haven’t decided if this is a good or bad thing yet. I did write the entire time so at least it wasn’t a waste.


2 thoughts on “Please ignore the fact that

  1. LOL!! Gurl I did good to shower once per day this weekend! ROTFL!!Would love to see what your tat looks like too! ;o)And OOh! More cute bags!! YAH!

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