NaKniSweMo Progress Report

This is the most up to the minute progress shot I have ever posted. I just threw the pieces on and stood in front of the camera.
Tilted Duster Progress

I remembered how to use the timer so I actually got a clear shot that included everything that I wanted it to and nothing that I didn’t 😉

As we now have only a week left in the month I can say with almost certainty that this sweater will not be one of the success stories. I will just have to live vicariously through Del. Go check out her 8(!) day sweater and drool, I’ll wait. I have no desire for marathon knitting just now. I have become engrossed in working on the book that I am writing and I have loads to do for the shop too. With my link up on the Sampler page and the sale date for the edition I am included in coming up I think it may be wise to have some serious stock in case these facts lead to purchases. Don’t you think?

This doesn’t mean that I will abandon the project though. I can’t sew while watching Keeping Up Appearances so the knitting will continue. I love this show so stinking much. Lately it has been my child friendly alternative to Bridget Jones.


3 thoughts on “NaKniSweMo Progress Report

  1. I LOVE that color on you! there’s nothing like a cute sweater in a color that complements you. can’t wait to see your continued progress. i swear that project just creeps up on you…before you know it; you’re done!!!

  2. AAh I will still claim it as your NaBloPoMo sweater!!But you are right…we do need some pages to make that book purchase! Haha! ;oDKeep on writing and knitting!

  3. Hey, no worries. We’re not knitting machines. You’ll finish when you finish because there are other things to do! I didn’t knit at all over the holiday break, like I said I would. Oh well…life goes on. And thanks for the love 🙂

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