New pants for a little man

I have had this flannel truck and car fabric for a while. I got it for $1 a yard at Save-a-thon. I have enough to make pj’s for every kid in the building =)
I would love to have a better photo for you, but every time he sees a camera he screams “Cheese!” and runs toward me. This results in blurry photos and extreme close ups of eyes and ears.

Only 14 more days to go on this daily blogging thing. Next time around I should join the “wash your dishes every day for a month”, or “pick up all the socks every day for a month” do-a-long. You know something that I should be doing anyway =)


2 thoughts on “New pants for a little man

  1. ROTFL!! I need to join a whole lot of domestic “every day” clubs too! :op Haha!Like “wash your clothes every day”, “FOLD your clothes every day”, and “put away your clothes every day” LOL

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