Little Things

Over the last two days the spirit to clean and organize came over me with a vengeance. I re-arranged and/or cleaned every room in the apartment. I put away all of the “I’ll move it later” crap that had been sitting around since…well since we moved in =) I finally organized my fabric and sewing corner, and threw away the heaps of old bills and junk mail. We finally put up our bedroom curtains (we had shades up). Our bedroom is so dark now you can’t see you hand in front of your face.

You would think that we moved into a mansion the way my kids are acting. The little extra floor space, their re-arranged with play in mind room, and the stupidly smiley mom has them in the best mood! All except for the girl wonder twin who took a trip with Grandma yesterday and got earrings. I think they also gave her a personality transplant. She is grumpy. Maybe she’s punishing me for not being within her eye sight those hours she spent with my mom. Once I get these guys in bed I’m going to knit on sleeve two and seam the body of the TD.

Btw, am I the only one who didn’t realize that Thanksgiving, or Fall Feast as we like to call it, was next week? Damn!


2 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. I know, I can’t believe it’s next week, either. We’re going out of town, too, and although the traffic is going to be crazy, I’ll just be thrilled to get away.It feels like a new house, huh? Nice that the kids noticed!

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