A Wee Wonderfuls Convert

For a long while now I have resisted the urge to buy the Wee Wonderfuls patterns. Let me clarify. I have had ideas in my head for how to use my Affro Girls for years. I mentioned before that I created them when my oldest was a baby. Now I have four babies, how time flies =)I dreamt of my girls going on little adventures and thought up all sorts of journeys for them. All kinds of dolls and pins and purses, the list goes on. The problem was, I had no idea how to make any of these ideas happen. Then I discovered blogs and online pattern offers and the ideas swam to the front of my mind again.

Then I discovered Wee Wonderfuls when I followed a link on Carrie’s blog when she made a pointy kitty. Here was proof that I could bring my ideas to the Internets and they could work. Then I started to find Hillary and WW at every turn. Then came the doubts. Would people give a crap about my patterns? Would they think I simply copied her ideas? Would she think that? I pride myself on being fair and truthful so the last two were a really big deal to me. I know that similar dolls have turned up on Flickr without cries of foul so maybe I was over thinking things, it wouldn’t be a first for me.

I wanted to try my hand at making the doll without Hillary’s construction and pattern pieces in my mind so I never purchased hers. As you know their has been little to no success on that front =)Well I haven’t given up on the idea of Affro Girl dolls yet and now that I have the WW pattern in front of me I can see that I was on track with some things and way off base with others.

When and if I finally get it together I will introduce the Affro Girl Adventures to the world (my small readership I should say) and see if she can co-exist with the other Internet dollies =)

Decapitated Doll & severed limbs
One legged doll
Hopefully she has her limbs in order by then =)


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