The ugly has returned

Today was mostly bad, very bad. The good news is that it had nothing to do with my knitting!

I am having technology issues, which are in my opinion the worse kind. When some thing, any thing is wrong with a piece of technology, whatever it is, you are slapped in the face with how much you rely on it. Our current printer is my husbands from before we were together. We have been together a while so this should tell you that the printer is a pretty good one.(Technology is to him what yarn is to me)

Well the printer refused to print, I checked it and replaced the yellow INK cartridge. It still wouldn’t work. Then I realized it was something called the PRINTHEAD that needed to be replaced. Not only had I never heard of a printhead, I had no clue where in the effing printer to find the damn thing.

Long story short you can only get the thing on the internet. I order it, get it the next day thanks to Staples, insert it, and wait for the flashing light to stop. It didn’t. I check the printer, now the black printhead needs to be replaced.


I want to throw it against the wall. I need to print business cards to include with my Sampler contributions. I need the damn printer to work NOW. I got to plan B. Print at someone else’s home, but no one has the program I used to create the business card! I go to OfficeMax and get ink for the other printer (my old one), rush home, rip open the package… it’s the wrong one. Now I finally allow myself to cry. The hubby returned it on his way to work. I’m certain it’s the right one. Technology likes him. =(


3 thoughts on “The ugly has returned

  1. Well thank goodness it wasn’t your knitting!! Haha!No seriously! I hope you got your cards printed out for your samplers.And maybe it will be fun to have Mr. Technology man get a band new fun printer!! :oD*as I sit over here needing new ink for my officejet!* :op LOL

  2. Wooo, you know me & technology…I don’t even know what that stuff is you’re talking about, lol! If something goes wrong around here, both me & DH are screwed. At least it wasn’t your knitting, which is looking great!

  3. oh, girlfriend i’ve been there, done that. i hate to have to worry about the stupid printers at work, so i feel your lighter news, your tilted duster is looking gorgeous!

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