We've got sleeve!

A knitted sleeve attached to nothing is a very weird sight. I keep looking at it and trying it on. I have been fighting the urge to show it to people. I want to stop my husband as he walks through the room and say “Look it’s a sleeve!”. Okay full disclosure, I did show him once, he had the good sense to feign interest. Although he showed genuine interest as to what the thing (the back piece) pinned to the chair was. I think my Sister is spending the weekend with us again so I will probably finish her sweater this weekend. But in the meantime I will be knitting sleeve cap number one and resisting the urge to seize one of the children and babble endlessly about its brilliance.

Today I went out into the world (this is how I refer to any place outside my home) and bought the twins snowsuits. Missy got her new coat last week, she has grown so much her wrists were showing in her old one. Son #1 is the only one who can use the same coat this winter. It was always a little big on him now it’s just right. I treated myself to the new IK and Adorn mags. I also got my first issue of Mixtape Zine yesterday. I have an ad inside!
My ad in Mixtape Zine!!
I can’t tell you how cool it is to see it in print in an actual publication. Not to mention that the zine itself is a great read. I read nearly the entire thing in one sitting. I find it very inspiring that these ladies had an idea and went for it. Their success thus far is proof that the handmade/DIY community is strong and we ain’t going anywhere!


2 thoughts on “Sleeves

  1. ah, now that’s a beautiful thing. more of us need to get into business and support each other!i feel ya, it is weird having a seamed up sleeve lying around all by its lonesome, LOL!

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