Taking no chances

In a move that even stunned me, I cast on for the Tilted Duster from Interweave Knits. And completed the back piece, and started the first sleeve. I think my hands have taken on a consciousness of their own.

My brain however has not.

The sting of the Bluebell disaster is still fresh in my mind. So after pinning and measuring the unblocked back portion I hit Ravelry (which is pure genius, a real why didn’t I think of that phenomenon) and checked out the notes on all the Dusters. One person mentioned something that, though rather obvious, hadn’t occurred to me. If I was going to actually wear something under this thing I better make sure I have some room. After a moment of near panic and bitter “this can’t be happening again” feelings I calmed down and figured I could block it and then re-measure before I took drastic action.
Pinned and measured
It did gain a few inches in all directions, though I preferred the look of the pre-blocked stitches at first. Then this morning I looked at the dry piece and felt safe enough to continue. Maybe I’ll have a great sweater after all!


3 thoughts on “Taking no chances

  1. Look sliek you recovered rather quickly. For some reason I was looking at that same pattern on Ravelry last night. Weird huh?

  2. Where did that come from??? See, it’s IK, I tell you. I’m shocked by how fast my own sweater has been knitting up. Your TD looks GREAT so far. The color is fabulous.

  3. the duster is a fun and easy piece. i think you’ll end up with a gorgeous project! šŸ˜€ no worries, it’ll turn out right. i agree about blocking extra room if you plan to layer a sweater or anything thicker than a plain t-shirt underneathe.

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