The thing about me is…

That I tend to, shall we say evade* doing things that I must. For example I mentioned contributing to The Sampler. What I left out was that the deadline was like soon. I jumped on board with blogging everyday and knitting a sweater in a month, I realize now that this was my brains way of evading work.

I threw myself into the knitting whole hog, and yielded … exactly nothing. Well something if feelings of bitterness and snack consumption count. This turn of events was the universe putting me back on task. Because now I needed to evade knitting and had a ready supply of distraction cut out and ready to go, my Sampler work. I made 13 of 25 items all today!
Sampler contribution

Evasion successful! I did have a couple of duds, but mostly success and several new items to include in the shop in the future. I did knit but only about an inch. I cast on for Bluebell again with smaller needles and fewer stitches. The blog as my witness if this go round yields nothing but bitterness, knitting a sweater this month can go straight to hell.

*Procrastination implies laziness to me, I’m actually doing things, just not what I should.


4 thoughts on “The thing about me is…

  1. I think we all procrastinate from time to time. I’ve only worked on my Gathered Pullover the past few days, so all my other WIPs are sitting around, waiting.

  2. Procrastinate? You? You’ve been so productive lately! I’ve been wondering if you’d sent all the kiddies to boarding school 🙂

  3. looks like you’ve been working plenty hard enough to me! i feel ya about getting gauge. here’s hoping this next time is the charm!

  4. I’m a total evadress… knowing that certain things must be done.. I will dive into other things and at the last minute force myself to do what I’d been evading. What is The Sampler… awesome colors and prints

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