Mama's first yarn

Not so Sexy first skein
Not so Sexy first skein
And the second
Kinda of sexy second skein
Kinda of sexy in a ball

You can really see the difference between the two, though the second one still has barely spun, over spun and really thin bits in it too. I never really got the whole “setting the twist” concept until I soaked these tiny skeins and hung them to dry. I hung them from a hook and weighted them down with one of out huge umbrellas. The difference was noticeable right away. I have a long way to go to reach Ms. Harlem Purls skills but I’ll get there someday.


3 thoughts on “Mama's first yarn

  1. Cool! If you’ve already progressed like that from the first one to the second, you’ll have this spinning thing down in a week!

  2. That’s wonderful. My first yarn looked exactly like yours did so don’t feel bad at all. Make sure you keep it so you’ll have something to look back upon when you’re spinning like a pro basketball players rims.

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