NaKniSweMo Take two. ACTION!

Well I should have realized when I read through the pattern for Forecast that I was going to be in trouble. Actually now that I think of it I have started Forecast before and made it to the same point and frogged it, in the same yarn (KP Wool of the Andes). Apparently I’m too stupid to learn now. All of my intelligence is spent helping a six year-old with homework, after that I’m no good to anyone. Thank goodness I can make bottles, change diapers and give baths on auto pilot or these guys would be in serious trouble =)So Forecast is out and the Boatneck Bluebell (ravelry link) is in, only it’s lavender not blue.
Boatneck Bluebell
Here she sits triumphantly atop all the patterns she beat to the needles.
Frantic pattern search materials
This looks promising. I’ve made it through most of the increases already, and I’m hoping that the waist rib detail will help this knit remain interesting. I still really want to knit a cardigan though. My stupidity may not be all to blame for the failure. I have been having positively pounding headaches lately. I stayed up too late last night again, knitting through a headache watching George Lopez’s “Why you Crying” special. I never watch his show and I had never seen his stand-up act until early this year. He is one of the funniest people in the business to me. I think laughing so hard was making my head hurt more but I couldn’t turn away. If potty mouth comedians don’t make you cringe I recommend it to you all.

EDIT@1:30 PM
My sister is coming so my sweater progress is in serious danger! I may lose a day working on her Wicked, but the damn thing will be done already.


One thought on “NaKniSweMo Take two. ACTION!

  1. I was so not going to sign up for NaKniSweMo, but darn if my Interweave Knits didn’t show up today! I cast on for the Gathered Pullover.

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