To bobble or not to bobble


I have been looking at completed versions of Forecast for months now. I thought I was pretty firm on the decision to leave the bobbles off. I realize now that all of the ones I really loved have bobbles. Now what?

I think I may give it a try. As this is my NaKniSweMo sweater I am just a bit worried that I’ll hate them and have to rip back. Whatever, I make too much of it.

Hey, I never mentioned that Ebony Butterfly will be included in a special edition Brooklyn Sampler! Very, very cool.
Here is the assembly line all ready to go.
New corner taken over =)
My wheel is also living in this corner right now. Between my craft supplies, Woodji’s cars, Missy’s dolls and the rattles the twins toss all over the place all of the floor space will be taken soon.


3 thoughts on “To bobble or not to bobble

  1. the yarn you chose for forecast is gorgeous! looks like you’ll be busy inbetween knitting, spinning, and all the rest of your crafts!

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