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Tilted Collar, wrinkled shirt

Tilted Collar, wrinkled shirt

I’ll tell you that purple is my favorite color if you can’t tell from this picture =) You can also clearly see that my clothes and the iron have no relationship what-so-ever. And that the tip broke off my Denise needle again.

Harry Skywalker

Harry Skywalker

The first time I saw this was in my screenwriting class when we discussed “The Writers Journey”. I’ve blogged about this book before. I think it’s genius. The concepts in the book are not new, the writer, Christopher Vogler, gives plenty of credit where it is due. All the same I was sort of fascinated with the way that the story elements discussed could be applied for any story, traditional or modern. If JK Rowling is not familiar with these theories then she must be a genie ’cause the HP series drips with them.

Please ignore the fact that

I’m wearing the same shirt as yesterday =)


It has been a long week/weekend* so you understand.

You know if I want to guarantee that I don’t get a certain thing done all I have to do is make a list.

The list was made and it was not overly ambitious, one thing a day. Totally doable. This didn’t stop me from slacking off on the first day and task. I made up for it though. I made 4 bags today. More photos tomorrow… after I change my shirt.

*Last night I stayed up late again waiting for son #1 to fall asleep. I fell asleep before him yesterday and in the morning we found him on the couch knocked out. Our apartment gets really dark at night, but the boy is fearless. I haven’t decided if this is a good or bad thing yet. I did write the entire time so at least it wasn’t a waste.

NaKniSweMo Progress Report

This is the most up to the minute progress shot I have ever posted. I just threw the pieces on and stood in front of the camera.
Tilted Duster Progress

I remembered how to use the timer so I actually got a clear shot that included everything that I wanted it to and nothing that I didn’t šŸ˜‰

As we now have only a week left in the month I can say with almost certainty that this sweater will not be one of the success stories. I will just have to live vicariously through Del. Go check out her 8(!) day sweater and drool, I’ll wait. I have no desire for marathon knitting just now. I have become engrossed in working on the book that I am writing and I have loads to do for the shop too. With my link up on the Sampler page and the sale date for the edition I am included in coming up I think it may be wise to have some serious stock in case these facts lead to purchases. Don’t you think?

This doesn’t mean that I will abandon the project though. I can’t sew while watching Keeping Up Appearances so the knitting will continue. I love this show so stinking much. Lately it has been my child friendly alternative to Bridget Jones.


I am thankful for my health and the health of my family. For the opportunity to pursue my dream of working from home. For being fortunate enough to finish school despite many hurdles. For the help of my extended family in raising my children. For stress because it makes me appreciate the good times. For the opportunity to change. While my life is pretty great in most respects we all have things to work on. So I plan to take some time to commit to change. I’m also thankful for knitting and blogging because it sure does take the edge off =)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey and what not. And Black Friday shopping too, for that I live vicariously through you.