The one in which we could have burned the house down

or… Spinning is hard starting with attaching the belt to the wheel!

The belt I ordered for my spinning wheel came yesterday. It’s basically a long clear elastic cord which you melt the tips of to press together to make a loop. You see where the house was in danger right? After I combed the kitchen looking for matches I called my mom (who lives next door remember) to ask for her lighter. Of course she wasn’t home. Then I remembered we had a box of matches in our old apartment that we bought with a grill at some point. Did the matches survive the move? I looked in a few more places and found them. It’s important that you know these are fireplace matches, meaning they are about 10 inches long and wooden. Again I’m sure you have a better understanding of the post title. I requested some assistance from the hubby. He struck a match and promptly dropped it on the kitchen floor… lit. Lucky for me he has fast reflexes so no real harm was done, well except for my nerves =). We managed to attach the first cord with relative ease, the second one not so much. That one resulted in a slightly burned hand (mine) tender fingertips (his) and melted plastic drips (the wheel). All three survived with superficial wounds and all limbs in tact =)

Oh and spinning. It.Is.Hard.


4 thoughts on “The one in which we could have burned the house down

  1. Whew, thank goodness for those reflexes girl but that sounds like something I would’ve done.Keep with the spinning, you’ll be glad you did.

  2. oh, hubby sounds incredibly sweet to help with putting the belt together. so glad everything worked out and you didn’t burn the house down! 😀 now, on to the spinning!!! 😀

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