Today is my birthday…..

happy birthday to me!
Or what happens when I shop when I’m sad. After the tough couple of weeks I was having (script contest, no sales at BIM and a personal problem that was not for the blog) I bid on this wheel thinking I had no chance of winning. Well I was wrong. It arrived from the Netherlands yesterday(broken). It’s not as sexy as new wheel but thanks to some damage during shipping (and forgotten belts???)the price was most definitely right! I can’t wait to really try it out. Even my kids and husband think it pretty cool. See you next time with some hand spun.


8 thoughts on “Today is my birthday…..

  1. Happy Birthday!Well, there’s nothing like mending something for really getting to know how it works…I hope it works out ok!

  2. Wow, I hope all the spinning you get to do on that baby makes up for the rough times. It’s beautiful!Happy Birthday! or is it your “birthday” because you got such a cool package??

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