Ms. Marigold cest fini

I think this may be the worst couple of weeks I’ve had since the Wonder Twins stay in the hospital. But as things have started to look up I will not dwell on that. This past Saturday I participated in another craft market, ArtMart 1225 (I won’t link because it seems like someone is messing with their site). This is where the good times started to roll if you will. I made several sales, had great table neighbors, saw a friend, and… FROZE my ass off. Mother Nature was not alerted to my change of fortune and continued to exact revenge on me for some slight against her that I cannot recall. I was still shivering 2 hours after I got home, even in my hand knit socks. (I think they were good luck Del!) But it was worth it. I was really ready to hang up my entrepreneurial hat if things didn’t go well. Maybe the universe responds to near hysteria and desperation =)

Anyway enough about that, we have finished knitting to discuss. Apparently hiding your UFO’s from yourself makes you realize how close to completion they were. While cleaning out the projects I keep in the basket near my spot on the couch I discovered Ms. Marigold was about a ball of yarn away from being done. I dragged her out knit on the neckline ribbing, worked a round of single crochet on the armholes and proceeded to knit until the yarn ran out.

Ms. Marigold
Ms. Marigold

Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Worsted, 6 or so skeins
Needles: Denise size 5’s and knitpicks size 3 for ribbing on neckline only.
Hook: Size G for armhole finishing.
Loved: Ooh yeah!

It could stand to be a little longer but I like my vests a little on the short side. If I ever dig out the tangled half a skein of this yarn that I have someplace I’ll add the ruffles on the sleeves but in the meantime she’s a keeper!


6 thoughts on “Ms. Marigold cest fini

  1. I’m glad the crafts fair went well, even if it was cold. And I’m so glad you wore the socks & aren’t just petting them, lol!Ms. Marigold is so cute! I like it as is, without the ruffles.

  2. Congratulations on your Sales and Ms. Marigold looks great and also like the kelly green. I hope the Wonder Twins are feeling better.

  3. this turned out so cute! i love the green. i’ll get my marigold knit up one of these days! until then, i’m loving the overall fit of yours!

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