The good, bad and ugly

The good:
Spin Out – Look out hubby, kiddies, and small apartment you may soon be living with a spinning wheel.Spin into a new hobby

Thanks to Cara and Spider Jenny for their help forming a new addiction.

Lots of new fabric to play with, and the fun had making shiny new things.
Little people tote bags Burp cloth, Zoo life

The season premiers of Dexter and Bones, and new to us shows like Brotherhood.

Old things (my grandma’s sewing machine) that work when the new ones act up.

The Bad:
Not making it to the quarter finalists of the contest I entered.

New things (my sewing machine) that refuse to work properly.

Mosquito bites in October.

Mother natures continuing vendetta against me.
(I’m back at BIM Saturday selling hats and scarfs on an 85 degree October day)

My order from Joann hasn’t arrived with the supplies I need to finish some new items.

The Ugly:
My mood.


5 thoughts on “The good, bad and ugly

  1. sounds like a lot going on! and you’re a mom too. wow 🙂 sorry to hear about not making it to the quarterfinals. they have no idea what they’re missing.

  2. My pleasure – I hope spinning brings you lots of enjoyment!I’m sorry about the contest – having dealt with A LOT of rejection in my life – I know how shitty that feels. Hope your mood improves soon!

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