Queen of Crafts

Martha Stewart looks fantastic in person. That’s a weird way to start the post isn’t it? But that was the first thing I thought when I saw her. She is also taller than she looks on TV. Anyway…

Tim Gunn was the guest and he is also great looking in person. And taller. It was a sewing themed show and everyone in the audience was a sewer. I had a great time but it would have been nice to have some company. My guest backed out at the last minute so it was a little lonely watching everyone else talk excitedly with their friends. I was lucky enough to have a nice chat with Jennifer the managing editor of Adorn magazine as well as three other staff members. I also got my face on camera when Martha came into the audience to speak at the end of the show. My daughter thinks that is particularly cool. I got to see an $8,000 sewing machine and get a goodie bag.

I also got to see that Martha is for damn sure a feminist. We could ask questions at the end, the first two were unremarkable. Then a woman said that she had MSL mags going back 10 years and that her husband wouldn’t let her buy anymore. Before she could continue speaking Martha said loudly and with a look of disbelief on her faec “You let your husband tell you what to read?” I was shocked, but in a good way. The lady meant that he wanted her to throw some away before buying more but the damamge was done. Martha was having none of that.

About this:

You know that I finished Juliet to wear to the show. I also wanted to make a new bag, a big one, the perfect one. For me anyway. I planned out details that I wanted it to have and got to work. It was coming out exactly as I had planned. I was smugly conrgatulating myself (in my head) as I attached the handle (the last step!) when my machine made a sound like a car being run over. I looked down to see that the needle was broken. I changed it and put the handle back under the foot and pressed down on the pedal and nothing happened. That car crash sound was the damn belt jumping off track. So I had to crack the thing open and put it back, it was harrowing to say the least. I did feel like a rock star when it was all fixed though.


6 thoughts on “Queen of Crafts

  1. I’m so glad Martha tried to make the woman stand up for herself!! By the time I heard about this sewing-themed show, they were already out of tickets 😦

  2. LOL, good for Martha. I love that! “you let your DH tell you what to read?” LOL.The bag is adorable! Glad you were able to fix the machine, too.

  3. Glad to hear you enjoyed Queen of Craft. I am a Martha Stewart Fan. She has inspired me to do so much around my home. Uh!! a feminist you say… that’s my girl…lol. The bag came out really nice and kudos to you repairing the machine.

  4. Glad you were able to go to the show. I tried to snag tickets but had no luck. Juliet is cute. I hope/plan to start one any day now.

  5. Tim Gunn is the man. Sounds like you had fun at the show. Yep, I go places alone too but it’s always nice to have friend with you.Love the bag!

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