Mother nature is conspiring against me

Okay I know I have been more crafts and sewing as opposed to knitting lately. So I’m sure that all of that progress on Juliet seemed unusual. Well now is the time for full disclosure. I am going to a taping of the High Priestess of all that is crafty, Martha Stewart’s, show on Monday! They are taping a show about sewing and wanted to fill the audience with sewers of all skill levels.

The Purl Bee posted their call for sewers. They asked you to send an email with a little about yourself and your skills as a sewer. They sent me the confirmation email which gave a list of things you shouldn’t wear and asked that you tell them a little about the sewing projects you were going to bring to share. Well I don’t know if I was being overly ambitious, eager to impress or just stupid, but I may have stated that I was going to wear a shirt that I made from the pattern in Sew U and a snazzy hand knitted vest to the show.

Sounds cute right? Well I neglected to mention that the shirt hadn’t made it past cutting out the pieces. So I get to work, and I can’t attach the sleeves to save my life. So I thought ehh later for the shirt I can still wow them with the vest. So I kicked it into high gear on Juliet.

You remember the post title right? At some point yesterday it occurred to me that it was rilly rilly warm and humid suddenly. I figured I should check the weather. Monday’s forecast reads like a mild July day. Suddenly a chunky 100% wool vest is looking like a bad idea. This is graduation day all over again. So tomorrow I will go and BUY myself a suitable shirt, and finish Juliet since I’m so close to finishing and really enjoying that bit of lace. I have to be there at 8:30am so maybe it will be brisk enough to wear on the way there. This is doubtful but I can dream =(


3 thoughts on “Mother nature is conspiring against me

  1. I agree with Gleek wear it at the studio. Thanks for posting… I’m so smitten with the pom-pom slippers that I’ve started another pair…lol

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