Juliet close up
You may recognize this yarn from the failed buttony cardi. It’s Debbie Bliss merino chunky knit on size 10 1/2 bamboo needles. My damn denise cord snapped again while making this.
Kick ass buttons

The buttons are even more beautiful in person. I can’t wait until my other purchases get here.
In other etsy news, I made another sale!!
Someone who came to the fair I was at returned the next weekend to buy this bag. I wasn’t there so she asked the organizers to forward her email to me. It was very cool of them to send it along. The buyer actually said she could not stop thinking about the bag. Very cool!

BTW, do you think I could have found a smaller t-shirt in my dresser? One deep breath and my whole belly would be showing.
Anyway. I’m adding this pic just because.

Children #'s 2-4

Daughter number one was at school.


4 thoughts on “Juliet

  1. Juliet is looking good! It’s such a quick knit, I’m sure you’ll be wearing it in no time. (Also: your t shirt looks fine!).The kids all look hilarious in that pic! Wonder twin on the right looks amazed 😉

  2. Hee hee, twin on the right looks very surprised! 🙂 They’re all so cute.Love those buttons & congrats on more etsy sales. That’s neat that your customer was so taken with that bag.

  3. wow, that sweater is really coming along! it appears to be very hot online right now 🙂 i’m sure you’ll have lots of people to talk to about it.the twins are getting so big! how did that happen?!

  4. WoW!! you moved quick on Juliet and its coming along nicely… great buttons. Talk about Super adorable… your children are beautiful.

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