Etsy Shopping Spree

I may have had a small spending spree over on Etsy.

Simple custom bracelet

Buttons for the number 1 sons sweater (or this size).
His 2nd birthday was yesterday so the guilt is on to finish before he outgrows it.

Buttons for Juliet
Did I forget to mention this spree fell over into the Zephyr Style site as well? It’s so cute I already started (despite the guilt to finish both my sisters sweater and #1 sons)

And a very cute, no one else will have, straight from England (where I secretly want to live) wallet.

I think I’m done now =)


4 thoughts on “Etsy Shopping Spree

  1. That’s why I stay away from Etsy…like I don’t have enough bills, LOL.I would love to live in jolly old England, too…I at least want to visit one day.

  2. I just registered with Etsy, I didn’t realize you could buy buttons. I like the look of Juliet, what kind of yarn are you going to use. I was just over at Elann and they have Gedifra Living yarn on sale, which would be perfect… umm I see myself visiting Etsy for Juliet.

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