Brooklyn Indie Market and a Giveaway

Yesterday was hot and rain free =). Things went about as well as I let myself expect. This was the first Sunday they had done this time of the year so foot traffic was minimal. I made a sale, got lots of compliments on my work, and a handful of emails to add to my mailing list.

I was particularly proud of my display. I tried to spend as little as possible and have as little as possible to carry as well.

Full table
For individual shots see this flickr set.

Thanks for the well wishes, I thought of them throughout the day. It was how I stayed awake; I went to bed at an ungodly hour Saturday night/Sunday morning. NEVER AGAIN. I think anything is easier to deal with when you’ve had a good nights sleep.

I will slowly add new items to my shop to see how that goes. But as far as touching my sewing machine, lets just say it will be a while =)

I would like to do a giveaway. I meant to do it when I reached 100 posts, but I forgot. So something simple so my feeble mind can keep up, eh.

Leave a comment telling me your favorite book and movie. Simple. I love both and need some recommendations.

The prize will be something from my offerings at the market yesterday. I’ll close the comments on Friday.
I can’t wait to read your replies.

EDIT: Contest closed


5 thoughts on “Brooklyn Indie Market and a Giveaway

  1. I’m glad it didn’t rain! And your display looks really good.It’s so hard for me to pick ONE fave book or movie, but I’ll list one of my faves for each.Fave book: The Temple of my Familiar by Alice WalkerFave movie: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Liz Taylor & Paul Newman…at the peak of their hotness, LOL)

  2. At present my favourite movie is Love Actually.Book – hmmm, if it’s fiction, I would have to say Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Of course there are more books in the series after that one, and she’s still writing about Claire and Jamie, and it’s so hard to wait to hear what happens next!

  3. One book and one movie? That is so hard…Is it cheating if I say my favourite book is The Lord of the Rings? If I have to pick just one, then I pick The Fellowship of the Ring.Favourite movie would be Nottinghill.

  4. One book and one movie are hard to choose for opposite reasons – I love too many books and too few movies to choose very well. For a book, were you thinking of fiction? Because I could come up with something fictional that I like, but right now I’m loving a cookbook: HomeBaking, by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid. The recipes look so yummy (and the few I’ve tried so far are), the stories are interesting, and the photos are beautiful.For a movie, I have to go with Monty Python’s Search for the Holy Grail, because it’s one of only a few that I’ve watched more than once and I still like.

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