Sucky Days are here again…

I had a rilly rilly bad day. Some asshole used my debit card number to charge a $150 purchase. Then the customer service reps at the bank did a remarkable job of showing me all of the wrong things to do if you want sympathetic help with your problem.Then some idiot salesman in Pearl Paint suggested and then sold me the wrong screen for the gocco printer which resulted in 2 out 4 notecards printing blurry.
Affro Girl Amina Gocco Notecard
I wasted an entire morning that could have been spent doing other things. To top it off it seems like we are definitinly getting rain Sunday which makes the craft show a no go are a potential faliure due to lack of traffic. What to do?

1. Go back to the store that I think stole my card number and slap all of the employees?
2. Go back to the bank and slap all of the representatives that walked past me for the ten minutes I waited without being acknowledged?
3. Go back to Pearl Paint and slap the idiot salesman for not knowing what the hell he was talking about?
4. Threaten to slap mother nature and go to the craft fair and hope my luck has turned by then and the rain stays away?

What would you do?

PS: I’m sort of kidding about 1-3.


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