Hot Stone Massage

Today is the day that I use my last graduation gift. My cousin and his girlfriend gave me a gift certificate to get hot stone massage at the Red and White Spa. I was already a little nervous about this as I have never had any sort of professional spa treatment before. Well now I am really nervous because I made the boneheaded mistake of looking up hot stone massage on flickr. This was boneheaded because several of these people got some serious hot stone burns on their bodies. Now I like a hot shower but even without experience I can gather that their is quite a bit of difference between hot water running over your body and hot ass stones sitting on it. But we shall see. I hope I float home relaxed instead of run home in pain. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Hot Stone Massage

  1. I hope your massage was refreshing & relaxing! I’ve never had a hot stone one, but I can only assume that if someone gets burned, the masseuse didn’t know what they were doing?? I don’t know, I don’t think I could just lay there if someone poured hot coals all over my back, LOL.

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