Etsy Labs

I went to the Gocco glass at the Etsy Labs this week (Thursday) and I had a great time. The space is so inviting and just plain cool. It was both a learning experience and a great time learning how to use a Gocco machine. Julie the instructor was very nice and gave us lots of tips on how to use gocco stamped images.

This is my sample from the class.
Ebony Butterfly Gocco flyers
Seeing this wall in person was inspiring. Etsy sellers are truly artists, I had ideas on what to contribute but I was flung back to the drawing board by the fantastic stuff already up.

Etsy Lab wall

Etsy Lab wall

It’s safe to say that I am addicted to gocco now. I have all sorts of ideas for the images you can create with it. I see a lot of Etsy Labs in my future.


3 thoughts on “Etsy Labs

  1. how fun! i have always wanted to learn how to use the gocco. too bad the company that makes them discontinued them 😦 if you can find one on ebay, i highly suggest you buy it. i’m sure they’ll be extinct in the next few years.

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