Some happenings

So this is just about the coolest thing to happen to me since I started blogging:

That’s right folks I was nominated by Del of Cozy’s Place and I can’t stop smiling. ; ) I nominate:

An Abundance of Lisa, Tres Chic Veronique, Every words a purl, Yarnmonster, and Erica B. DIY Style

Another thing that brings a smile to my face:
Stitch and Pitch! I’m taking the lead Muggle (read: husband) with me, it’s sure to be an experience.

Also their is this happening at the business library in Brooklyn Heights. I know a lot of bloggers have etsy shops or have thought about having etsy shops or other online businesses and might like this info. The lead Muggle and I will also be attending this together.

And finally for those in Brooklyn, in Bed-stuy or looking to travel, I have been working in conjunction with the to organize a craft group. If you know someone in the area pass it along. If you’re interested in the details let me know and I’ll keep you posted.

I think that about covers- wait it doesn’t.

For those who don’t know Etsy is located right here in Brooklyn. They have a blog, and Labs, which have several classes. I plan to take the Gocco class next week as well as the screenprinting one later this month if cash and more importantly time allows.

Now I’m done. Overly linked post complete 😉


6 thoughts on “Some happenings

  1. Wow – thanks for nominating me! That’s so nice of you. I definitely think you are a rockin’ girl blogger, what with four kids, a hubbie, and a job, yet you still find time to knit great stuff!! You ROCK!!

  2. Hey, wow, thanks so much! I second Lisa on the you-rocking subject–it amazes me how much you get done–and you have FOUR kids, I have to say it again!!! You rock!I have always wanted to take a screenprinting class, too. We shall see. Time and money, *sigh*.

  3. I would definitely be interested in more info about – I am a Brooklynite living in Long Island and travel daily into brooklyn.

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